Rems182, born in 1982, graffiti artist and painter.
Living and working in Turin, Italy.

Takes interest in aerosol art at age 17. This will play a big role in the decision to study art after high school. In the Art Academy years, the artist devlops a personal pictorial language, which relate to violence, eroticism and death, depicted in large-scale mixed media portraits.

From 2000 onwards, numerous teaching experiences lead him to organize aerosol art courses, lectures and workshops at the Art Academies of Torino and Brera, the European Institute of Design and the Politecnico University of Torino.

During academic studies, Rems co-founds the Truly Design collective, formed by four friends who have shared since adolescence their passion for graffiti and street art. The group’s horizons quickly widen from sole artistic production to illustration, graphic design, logotype design, didactics and other creative applications.

Truly Design’s resulting professional growth reaches its turning point with the foundation of the homonymous communication studio based in Torino. The group’s work has been appreciated and commissioned by important international clients such as Nike, Samsung, Adobe).

“I consider my creative act as a necessary and profound form of auto-analysis, which I cannot do without.
My equilibrium is founded upon my art.

To satisfy this therapeutic necessity of mine I avail myself of media, supports and subjects which vary quite often.
Sometimes acrylic color meets a wall, at other times the ball-point of my “Bic” pen etches the surface of a canvas.

These are merely pieces for building unpredictable structures, mirrors of my psychology.
I most certainly am not a scholar, nor an orator.
Only my art can truly speak on my behalf.”